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Honoring Students Who Have Overcome Adversity

The Patrick B. Harper Scholarship Foundation provides scholarship opportunities to students who have overcome some adversity in their life and will be attending college. Our mission is to provide $1500 scholarships to School District 155 high school students who meet the application requirements.


Of students in the U.S. have been exposed to some form of traumatic stressor in their lives

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We value the struggle that some students may encounter while in high school that could hinder their applying to and attending college. The Patrick B. Harper Scholarship Foundation wants to help any student who is a good candidate for college and who also demonstrates a need for this assistance. Patrick Harper was always an advocate for these students. We want his legacy to live on.

Help Us Make A Difference In A Student’s Life

We believe in students who do not let their struggles define them. Help us celebrate their perseverance. The Patrick B. Harper Scholarship Foundation is 100% not for profit and all donations are tax deductible.

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